For dust removal applications that can float dust, we call it dust extraction. Floating dust is very light and can float up on its own.

For dust extraction tasks, we usually use a dust hood with a mobile arm or directly interface with the closed interface on the production equipment.

For dust removal applications with small air volume, such as the dust generated when a small amount of powder is manually added, a large air volume industrial vacuum cleaner can be used, which can also be used for post-cleaning.

However, most cases require higher air volume.

For air volume requirements of 1000 to 16000 cubic meters per hour, dust extraction equipment is suitable.

The air volume requirement is generally between 1500 and 16000 cubic meters per hour, and the corresponding negative pressure requirement is generally only 40 mbar. If the piping system is long, it may be necessary to increase the drive to increase the negative pressure in the system to a maximum of 120 mbar.

For high-volume dust removal applications, it is particularly important to choose the filter area and dust load of the filter device correctly. Compared with a large central dust removal system with many dust suction points, the use of a decentralized local dust extraction system and a filter device with automatic cleaning function and a shorter piping system helps to achieve better dust removal effect and better Use experience and lower operation and maintenance costs.