PCN-Air powered

PCN-Air powered

Drive source: Compressed air
Power type:Venturi


Drive source: Compressed air
Power type:Venturi

Product Introduction:

This type pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaner can handle large amounts of dust in almost any environment with standard single venturi

- Powerful Venturi power source

- 304 stainless steel tank body

- maintenance-free machine, compact structure

- novel trolley structure

- integrated multi-layer filtration

Vacuum unit

With a strong Venturian tube air pressure element as power source (no power supply and mechanical parts required), and special muffler device which  can reduce noise, the machine works  within the scope of safe production processing.dealing exhaust directly to the ground, so it doesn't influence the user and the surrounding environment .The control panel includes an input pressure indicator (to detect the pressure of the input compressed air source) to detect the working condition of the machine and to prevent the blockage of the filter . With the handles placed on either side,the machine head can be easily lifted or moved ,which can also check or replace the filter bag.

Filter unit

The filter bag made of polyester is installed and protected in a stainless steel tank, providing a filter surface of 30000 square centimeters and a filter efficiency of class m, (1 micron). Another layer of filtration system is composed of a high-efficiency filter, and the filtration accuracy can reach 0.3 microns. Ensure that the vacuumed dust will not have secondary pollution. The front aluminum die-casting dust suction port (50mm) is used to connect the conductive connection between the dust suction hose and accessories. It it safe and durable.



Collection unit

The stainless steel collecting tank (80 liters) is installed on the frame with casters, with two rotating casters, one of which has a foot brake. The unique overturning and dumping structure can easily and safely handle the collected materials.

Technical data:

Drive sourceVCompressed air
Power TypeVenturi
Air supply requirementL/Min1350
Airflow M3/H160
Air source pressureBar6
Inner diameter of air source interfaceMM10
Filter type/Polyester filter
Filter Surface CM220000
Filter efficiencyCAT(BIA/micron)



Suction Inlet(Dia)MM40